Natur Baker's Blend is a promising new sweetener product which could be very helpful to professional bakers as well as home bakers to provide pastries and other baked goods for people who can not eat products made with refined sucrose.

- San Francisco Baking Institute

"For quite some time now, I have struggled to find a good sugar alternative for baking.  Natur Baker's Blend has excellent qualities for use in baking, and offers the closest taste to sugar that I have experienced thus far. I have offered baked goods prepared with Natur Baker's Blend to several colleagues, and they have agreed with me. I am excited about exploring its use in other foods, for example, as a sugar substitute for sweet & sour sauce in Chinese food, or as a component of barbecue sauce or ketchup."

- June Pagan, professional chef

"...I sprinkled about 1.5 grams of the Natur over the top of the cakes to get them to glaze, and it worked very well, the water that melted off of the frozen blue-berries captured the Natur and created a gooey, bubbly blueberry glaze. It also helped to brown the tops of the cakes.  The cakes are moist and taste rose great. The cakes exceeded my expectation. It formulated very well, baked very well and taste/texture is great. "   

- Boulevard Bakery

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