Natur Baker's Blend Sweetener

The new natural sweetener with 40% fewer calories 
than sugar and a low glycemic index that tastes, 
bakes, and measures just like sugar.

How do we do it?
From Lynn Grieger, RD, CDE, cPT:
Natur Bakerís Blend combines natural ingredients without using any chemicals or additives. As a registered dietitian and health coach, I feel good recommending Natur Bakerís Blend to my clients interested in improving their health. Great-tasting Natur Bakerís Blend is made with ingredients you trust:

- Dried cane sugar is produced from sugar cane raised. Sure, regular table sugar comes from sugar cane as well, but our dried cane sugar is less processed than sugar and retains more of the natural nutrients found in sugar cane.

- Erythritol is a great-tasting natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables. Erythritol is part of a group of sweeteners approved by 
the FDA called polyols that are slowly absorbed from the small intestine. It is safe for people with diabetes because it has a very low glycemic index, and unlike sugar it doesnít raise blood sugar levels Sugar has 4 calories per gram, but erythritol has only .2 calories per gram, giving Natur Bakerís Blend sweetener a clean, fresh, sweet taste with far less calories. Erythritol does not cause tooth decay because it is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria which break down sugars and starches to produce acids which may cause tooth enamel loss and form cavities. 

- Isomaltulose is a naturally-occurring sugar made of glucose and fructose that is digested very slowly. Because of the slow digestion, it doesnít raise blood sugar levels and is safe for people with diabetes. The low glycemic index helps you stay satisfied and full longer after meals. Itís also resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria and prevents tooth decay. 

- Oligofructose is plant storage carbohydrate with a sweet, clean taste found in over 36,000 different vegetables and plants including wheat, onion, bananas, garlic and chicory. Like fiber also found in plants, oligofructose is incompletely digested and provides fewer calories than sugar. Oligofructose is a subgroup of inulin, which stimulates the growth of healthful bifidobacteria essential to keep your digestive tract healthy and strong. 


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