I spent 10 years using the most sophisticated science available to develop nutrition products made from natural ingredients that help support health and weight management. Our scientific team researched every sweetener ingredient worldwide for over two years, and ultimately developed a blend of established natural ingredients to create a sweetener with great taste and health qualities that meet our high standards. Our goal is to balance science, nutrition, health and taste. We’ve achieved that goal with Natur Baker's Blend, one of the most unique natural sweeteners in the world.

Our scientists, health professionals, nutritionists, professional chefs, bakers, natural ingredient specialists and kids (who have the final approval over taste) work on your behalf to create a delicious, healthy, natural sweet taste experience. We use Natur Baker's Blend ourselves and with our families and are confident you and your family will also enjoy our healthy sweetener.

Using Natur Baker's Blend starts a healthy eating ripple effect from you, to your kids, to your neighbors and friends, and ultimately to the entire world. A passion for life and helping people enjoy healthy living is our ultimate goal.

Natur Baker's Blend meets our high standards for nutrition, health, natural ingredients, quality control, and taste. We hope you enjoy using our healthier sweetener as much as we do.

Loren Miles, Chief Executive Officer
Natur Research Foods, Inc.

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